Como dizer "estou satisfeito, mas com ressalvas" em inglês

Não sei se nesse contexto uso "caveats" , "reservations", ou outra palavra para "ressalvas"
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Satisfied but not entirely' happy...[then elaborate further]

I am satisfied but there's still room for improvement [then elaborate further]

I am satisfied, but somehow not. Mixed feelings.

For the time being, I am satisfied but not highly satisfied.

 I am satisfied but I wish I had scored a grade A (here satisfied with your performance, with you, but perhaps you are a perfectionist...)

Overall I am satisfied staying there except that…[elaborate further] << (source) Trip Advisor- so it would be a good wording with hotel reviews, comments, etc.

I haven´t seen many "satisfied" and "caveats" in the same sentence, but comments like "good/good trip, but with caveats".
It´s also more usual the "with the caveat that" (not used with "satisfied" in the same sentence, tough, at least not usually).

I am pointing out the "caveat thing" (of your question) but there is also other ways to replace it and mean that: I am satisified but there are some (small issues)/I am satisfied but I would like...etc etc
I was satisfied except for...
Could say I was satisfied except with the following caveat
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Not necessary, if you want to use the word "caveat" drop the except.