Como dizer "O barato sai caro" em inglês

Please, how can I say " O barato sai caro " in English?

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Avatar do usuário Adriano Japan 825 2 18

You get what you pay for [O barato sai caro.]

"You get what you pay for" is a common English saying. It means that cheap items aren't very good; you have to spend more money to get a good item.

People use this saying a lot when they're talking about whether to buy a cheaper item or a more expensive one.
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Avatar do usuário Breckenfeld 4595 11 102
My suggestion is cheap becomes expensive.

June 28, 2007

All the chatter and BS about illegal immigrants; it all comes down to economics and do not think any different. The rich will get richer and the poor will live eight people in a one bedroom apartment. Cheap labor harvests and builds this country. If we as a people would not have the greed factor part of our everyday life things could and would be different. I do not mind paying taxes to know that our everyday life is running smooth. Taxes, the scary word in our vocabulary; health insurance, food safety, roads and bridges in good condition, education and so on. We are so bogged down in a war that is draining our lives away; lost it there for a moment, back to “cheap”. Do you think construction companies, farmers or the Vegas hotels could exist without cheap labor? If every undocumented worker in this country did not go to work for a few days this country would come to a standstill.
Com certeza a resposta do breckenfeld é a melhor.

Mas não devemos esquecer do modo simples:

It's not profitable.
Avatar do usuário Thomas 14510 7 59 285
Good job, Adriano. The expression is old, common, and widely used.