Como dizer "perder o jeito" em inglês

"Eu perdi o jeito para desenhar"?

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EugenioTM 7 47
I believe that you can use either of these forms of translation:

I've lost the handle to draw.
I've lost the knack to draw.

Correct me if I am wrong!
Thomas 7 61 291
i've heard "to lose the knack for", but not "to lose the knack + infinitive".

"I've lost the handle + infinitive" is new to me. Can you give your source?

I'd say "I've lost my ability + infinitive".
EugenioTM 7 47
I was wondering if the correct form is the one I wrote or: to lose the knack for + gerund. I guess It's the second one! I'm really sorry.

There is no source for this expression, I heard something like that and confused with this expression. It probably doesn't exist.

And "I've lost my ability + infinitive" is perfect!

I'm sorry again for all of those mistakes, I got to search more before answering these questions. Even a wrong preposition can make the phrase lose all sense.