Double-whammy effect - Tradução em português

One of the main problems is that careers in science, technology, engineering and maths (known as Stem) are not sufficiently promoted in schools, with fewer children taking up these subjects at GCSE and A-level. Year in, year out, we are told that Britain has a skills shortage, that falling numbers of graduate scientists and engineers are damaging our ability to compete internationally. In spite of girls' belief in their abilities, the general lack of interest among schoolchildren in maths and science subjects, together with the underlying social conditioning that still remains – that science subjects "aren't really for girls" – has led to a double-whammy effect, reducing female entrants even further.

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EugenioTM 6 31
Um ''Double whammy effect'' acontece quando algo causa 2 problemas ao mesmo tempo.

''A double whammy is when something causes two problems at the same time, or when two setbacks occur at the same time.'' (