Tradução de "fathom''

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I couldn't have fathomed.

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Hi, sugestão de tradução:

"Não pude/poderia entender, compreender, encontrar o significado..."

Fanthom = entender, compreender (especialmente algo ou alguém enigmático).
Muito utilizado com os modais "can (not) and could (not)"


1usually with negative Understand (a difficult problem or an enigmatic person) after much thought.
‘the locals could not fathom out the reason behind his new-found prosperity’
‘he couldn't fathom why she was being so anxious’
‘She couldn't fathom him having any of those anymore.’
‘He spent his entire life trying to fathom the mysteries of life: what is virtue?’
‘You can analyze a Mozart piano concerto note by note and still not fathom the genius of the whole piece.’
‘I just couldn't fathom why he would want to do such a thing.’
‘He could never fathom ever giving up his absolute free will.’
‘How could you possibly fathom how much he cares for you?’
‘She didn't have time to fathom the mystery of books, though.’
‘It really did give one's mind a good exercise, trying to fathom out the clues, whether they be ‘red herrings’ or helpful hints.’
‘Harrison looked so strong that they couldn't fathom him breaking down.’
‘I still couldn't fathom why they held such a presence over the school.’
‘I just can't fathom people who could have a quiet life, who don't have to be controversial for a living, but do it anyway.’
‘I would go to any extent in my art to fathom the mystery of humankind's existence.’
‘Even if we were just friends, I still didn't want to fathom another girl in the picture.’
‘Can you even fathom what goes into this kind of self-inflicted torture?’
‘She just can't seem to fathom the idea that she's a good player.’
‘Immediately, the glacial glare seemed to diminish… though Sammy couldn't fathom why.’
‘They couldn't even fathom what I was feeling.’
‘But I still couldn't quite fathom the idea of living with Dad.’
‘But I can't fathom anyone reading stories like this and not feeling the sting and burn of utter, abject shame.’
‘They can't fathom that fellow members of democratic societies would not share their struggle with them.’

From Oxford Dictionaries