Tradução de "It feels"

Ultimamente tenho visto isto frequentemente, gostaria de saber o significado nas frases abaixo:

It feels like a party every day (Abertura da série Jessie)
I like how that feels (Paródia de "hands to myself")
That doesn't feel very good (Paródia)

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The word feel has some meanings. Usually it is:
feel verb (EXPERIENCE)
to ​experience something ​physical or ​emotional:
"How are you feeling?" "Not too ​bad, but I've still got a ​slight ​headache."
How would you feel about ​moving to a different ​city?
He's still feeling a little ​weak after his ​operation.
My ​eyes feel really ​sore.
I never feel ​safe when Richard is ​driving.
Never in her ​life had she felt so ​happy.
My ​suitcase ​began to feel really ​heavy after a while.
I felt like (= ​thought that I was) a ​complete ​idiot/such a ​fool.
She felt his ​hot ​breath on her ​neck.
[+ obj + -ing verb ] I could feel the ​sweat trickling down my back.
By ​midday, we were really feeling (= ​suffering from) the ​heat.
From Cambridge Dictionary

Eu traduziria suas frases como:

É como uma festa todos os dias.
Parece que é uma festa todos os dias.

Gosto de como isso me faz sentir.
Isso me faz sentir de um jeito que eu gosto.

Aquilo/isto não parece muito bom.
Isto não me parece muito bom.

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