Leapt on the news - Tradução em português

While Obama told a campaign rally in Ohio that the figures were a "step in the right direction", his Republican challenger Mitt Romney leapt on the news to attack the president's handling of the economy. He described the unemployment report as a "kick in the gut".

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"Mitt Romney leapt on the news to attack...".
MItt Romney correu à mídia (aos noticiários) para atacar...
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"To leap on the news" has the figurative sense of "riding the news", in the same way that you leap on a horse (montar no cavalo) to take advantage of some possible movement that seems favourable to you.

Here's a similar use:

"Prosecutor" Ron O'Brien is the worst excuse for a public official to ever have disgraced this city. Experience shows that he'll leap on any opportunity for self-aggrandizement--- without benefit of thought or even the pretense of ethics--- as long as he can mug for the cameras and attempt to deflect whatever headlines may currently be calling him to task." http://www.topix.com/forum/city/grove-c ... 89NCB0OCOO

As in this case, the reference is often negative.