Portico, start off, drive up - Tradução em português

´´The coachman touched his prancing horses lightly with his whip, and swiftly the carriage started off, and in a short time reached the palace. / The arrival of so splendid an equipage as Cinderella's could not fail to attract general notice at the palace gates; and as it drove up to the marble portico, the servants in great numbers came out to see it. Information was quickly taken to the king's son, that a beautiful young lady, evidently some princess, was in waiting.´´

O que quer dizer ´started off´, ´drove up´, ´portico´? O que quer dizer ´in waiting´?

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1. Portico: entrada, pórtico.
2. Start off: Partir rumo a algum lugar
3. Drive up: seguir rumo a
4. In waiting: a espera, esperando

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