Slabberdegullion druggels - Tradução em português

Marcio_Farias 1 23 214
The context around it reads as follows.

"For those slabberdegullion druggels who still drag their feet about recognizing the value of and the need for E-Prime, I refer them to my new pal, the E-Prime Parrot, who puts the whole matter extremely succinctly: "Awwk! Static verb! Awwk! Dynamic universe!" You may argue with him if you wish, but you had better watch out for his beak."

Do we have a translate for that slabber-you-know-what thingie?

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Donay Mendonça 22 102 1.5k
Olá Márcio,

As minha traduções de "Slubberdegullion druggels":

"Os malas sem alça";"Os babacas de carteirinha";"Os ratazanas malditas."

Boa sorte!
Flavia.lm 1 10 95
Hi there

"There’s enough material there for a year of Weird Words, but I’ve picked out slabberdegullion (a rare spelling of slubberdegullion), a word which nobody hearing it could possibly consider a compliment. There are examples of it on record from the seventeenth century down to the early twentieth but it appears now only as a deliberate archaism.

The experts disagree about where it came from. The first part is clearly English slobber, but the rest is less certain. It might be cullion, an old word for a testicle (it’s related to French couillon and Spanish cojones), which by the sixteenth century was a term of contempt for a man. It might instead conceivably be linked to the Scots dialect gullion for a quagmire or a pool of mud containing semi-liquid decayed vegetable matter, but that’s only recorded rather later."
Marcio_Farias 1 23 214
@donay mendonca - Thank you for your quick reply without which I wouldn't have known it.
@Flavia.Im - Thank you for expounding on the etymology of it. My version of Webster's on CD not making even the slightest reference to "slabberdegullion," your suggestion comes as a last resort help or the light at the end of the tunnel for the wary word searcher.
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