Struck up - Tradução em português

´The trumpets sounded and the music struck up, and the dance commenced; but if Cinderella's beauty, elegant figure, and the splendor of her dress, had before drawn the attention of the whole room, the astonishment at her dancing was still greater. / Gracefulness seemed to play in all her motions; the airy lightness with which she floated along--as buoyant as thistle-down--drew forth a general murmur of admiration.´

O que quer dizer as palavras ´struck up´, ´splendor´, ´thistle down drew´?

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3 respostas
Marcio_Farias 1 24 213
struck up = começou a tocar
splendor = esplendor
thistledown = não sei
drew forth = ensejou; atraiu; disparou
Thomas 7 61 291
thistle-down = A small, very light piece of a plant (cardo?) that the winds blow easily from place to place. Note that the text called it "bouyant" because it seemingly floats in the air like a feather.

drew = caused
timphillips 10
Yes Thomas cardo seems right
The thistle (which is the national emblem of Scotland) like many other plants produces its seeds for distribution by the wind on light fluffy feather-like stems.
down - small fluffy feathers found on some on birds. Used for making quilts
Eiderdown = edredon
Eider - a species of seaduck which produces good down for pillows and covers