Surface-to-ship missiles - Tradução em português

North Korea's test-launch of two short-range missiles this week has raised anxiety levels in the region, as the regime in Pyongyang prepares to defy international opinion with the launch next month of a long-range rocket, which many believe is connected to its ballistic missile programme.
South Korean defence officials said that North Korea had launched two surface-to-ship missiles from a site on its west coast early on Wednesday, a day after world leaders attending a nuclear security summit in Seoul urged the regime to cancel the rocket launch and return to six-party nuclear talks.

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Míssil usado para destruir navios. ... ip_Missile
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Actually, it is a missle fired from either a ship or the ground at a ship.

Most surface-to-ship missles are ship-to-ship missles.

A missle fired from an airplane at a ship is an air-to-ship missle.

A missle fired from an airplane at an airplane is an air-to-air missle.
I worked for Raytheon Missile Systems for 4 years and I've never heard of a surface-to-ship missile. These days, we would probably use a "Standard Missile 3", which can be used to shoot down other missiles, planes, and even a satellite in space.

A ship-to-ship missile is most likely a "torpedo".