Take it all in - Tradução em português

Eu não achei um significado exato para Take it all in, alguém poderia me ajudar? :?
A frase é essa:

“That’s not an easy feat,” Cabel says, taking it all in. He walks over to the desk. “Unless maybe he owns this property—it could be valuable.” Cabel shuffles through a few bills on the desk. “Or . . . not. Here’s a canceled check that says ‘rent’ in the memo line.”

E shuffle que eu tbm não entendo direito..

thx! ;)

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[...] Cabel says, observing or taking note of it all [...]

9 b : to take note of <in the second before she spoke ... she had taken in the expensive hat and coat — Ruth Park> : observe keenly <seemed to take him all in anew before answering — S.H.Adams> : PERCEIVE <took in the special possibilities open to a monarch for extortion — Francis Hackett>

[Merriam-Webster's Third New International Dictionary on CD v.3.0]

Cabel shuffles through a few bills on the desk = Cabel manipulates a few bills with the real or ostensible purpose of seeking and finding a particular bill out of a pile on the desk.

Otherwise please correct me or take me to task on any of the above. I deserve it.
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Take it all in:
Perceber,notar,registrar tudo isto.

"Shuffle":Mexer,revirar papéis,etc.

Bons estudos!