Work's work - Tradução em português

It's like, you think if you're a comedian and you're making people laugh all day and you're on stage and you're laughing too that you're probably having fun but at the end of the day, I guess work's work.

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but at the end of the day, I guess work's work....
...mas enfim, o que eu acho é que o que funciona é o trabalho. OR
...mas no final das contas, acho que o trabalho é o que funciona sim.

To me, Wendi meant ''at the end of the day, it´s all about work, hard work indeed. " because many would think that a comedian work is a cakewalk!

Afterwards, Wendi reinforce that thinking in this commentary:

I guess that's like the funny thing, you just think if someone's a comedian, it just all comes naturally. It's like it all just comes spur of the moment, but I guess the real thing is that a lot of work goes into it.