Correção de redação para intercâmbio 1ª

Olá pessoal.
Estou participando de uma seleção para intercâmbio nos EUA e são pedidas 3 redações.

A 1ª se trata das minhas expectativas que tenho neste intercâmbio.
Agradeço muito quem puder ajudar.

Living abroad is a great opportunity, since can promote incredible perceptive of what a foreign culture is, with its distinguishing features, values and beliefs. Studying in a foreign country is a big chance to those who wish to follow an academic career in Brazil, because living inside a different culture makes it possible to improve the interpersonal, cultural and professional abilities.
Thus, I am sure that participating in this interchange program will make me better qualified in respect to interpersonal communication. Also, I will improve my abilities as an English speaker, which is a great opportunity, since most of the articles and scientific journals most recognized in my field of interest are written in English. Even having some proficiency in the language, this interchange will help me to acquire the academic fluency required to a productive career.
As a biology student, I intend to help to increase the scientific production, and also to assist in the corresponding area of the research of resources to humanitarian development. In fact, I intend to apply all of the experience and knowledge that I will obtain in the U.S., in order to deal with all defies in my career in Brazil. In reality, I think this interchange will help me to grow as a human being, promoting the chance to work the most important characteristics to the success of academic and professional career successfully.
It’s fact that the United States has been spearheading the technology field. But, we all know this is originating of a great and enriching base which started from the relation with the universities and his students, teachers and collaborators. In fact, the most recognized companies of technology of great success began with the support of the university field and his integrators. So, is for this scenario of creations and innovations for which I intend to contribute and reap the rewards.
I am confident that in a North American university, I will have a greater contact with experts in the biotechnology area, which will aid me to develop my skills as a future scientist, in order to be more qualified, so to contribute with research and education in Brazil. If I have an opportunity, I will be happy to work as an assistant researcher during summer internship or with one of my teachers. Having said this, I am able to take courses which are not available in my country and to keep in touch with the innovative techniques in scientific research.
Finally, the experience to have an interchange in the U.S. will be so much enriching, not only to my academic life but also to my personal life. Surrounded by a great ethnic variety of a multicultural country such as the U.S.A, I will have an excellent opportunity to integrate and interact with the local community, sharing acquirements and experiences. In return to Brazil, I am sure I will be able to apply a great deal of knowledge in my country, sharing my experience for the benefit of science in Brazil.

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