Spinning daydream - Tradução em português

Hello everybody!

I play the piano and I would like to know what "spinning daydreams" means. This is the title of a song.


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It perhaps (I am not 100% sure, but...) is the musical arrangement of the song "It Might as Well Be Spring" to play on the piano.
Or maybe it is just paraphrasing the song in the part it says

"I'm as busy as spider spinning daydreams
Estou tão ocupado quanto aranha tecendo sonhos
Spinning spinning daydreams
Criando devaneios (sonhando acordado/a).

My incertainty is 'cause the song featured by Sinatra have a different lenght of that of the piano arrangement, on the two sites. But might have a string of factors to delay Sinatra or to fast-forward the piano player. Dunno why, tough.

Let's wait, our musician buddies to have a say on that one.

Ref. letras.mus
De acordo com o corpus do site Glosbe, a definição para "spinning daydream" é simplesmente "sonhando acordado"

Daydream também tem as seguintes definições: "devaneios" e "fantasiar a respeito de algo".
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Agreed "spinning daydreams" would amount to "building castles in the air" (imagining good things, for instance).
It would be a bit of stretch the thought of spiders spinning daydreams, but then how we would do without a bit of fantasy in our lives? :-) That's what songs and literature are for... ;-)
I like the imagery of it.